What is TTCF?

Today’s and Tomorrow’s Children Fund (TTCF) awards grants to researchers who are doing innovative work to solve some of the most critical health issues facing children today. It was born out of the belief that a group of committed individuals can award major gifts every year to make an important difference in the lives of the boys and girls affected by serious illnesses and trauma who are treated at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

How is it unique?

TTCF targets innovative and promising pediatric faculty projects, which the group’s annual gift makes possible. Each project, carefully selected by the members, has a profound effect on young patients facing disease or disability. No fundraising events or silent auctions must be planned, nor solicitations of friends and business contacts for dinner tickets or auction items. Instead, this group puts this money to use in a powerful, immediate way.

What is my role as a member?


On an annual basis, all members have the opportunity to vote on a ballot of projects prescreened by the Physician-in-Chief of UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital; each has an equal vote. Everyone is invited to an annual presentation where the pediatrics faculty members receiving the most votes discuss their research. Members then vote to determine who will be awarded that year.

Join Us!

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