Minors attend the school, which is provided by Los Angeles Unified School District, Monday through Friday. Academic assessment and remedial services are available. The school staff is available to facilitate placement in the appropriate academic setting upon discharge from the hospital. Where indicated, families are provided information regarding the special education needs of their adolescent. Information regarding the process of obtaining special education services for their adolescent is provided to families as well as information regarding the best school setting for adolescents who do not require a specialized academic setting.

Speech and Language

  • Services include speech and language screening as well as comprehensive evaluation when indicated by screening results.

Social Behaviors

  • Physical aggression, verbal aggression, threatening physical or verbal gestures, and profanity are not acceptable social behaviors and will not be tolerated.
  • Patients are expected to bathe or shower at least once per day, brush teeth twice a day, wear clean clothes, use deodorant, and to wash and comb their hair as needed.
  • You should not touch other people, as this can often be seen as teasing or provoking by others.
  • Respect the space of others: hand holding and touching in a sexual manner is not allowed.
  • Stealing, borrowing, or lending personal property is not O.K.


  • UCLA is a non-smoking hospital. Adolescents may not smoke while hospitalized at the NPH.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning begins at the time of admission to the hospital. The interdisciplinary team and the patient/family establish discharge goals. Individualized treatment plans are developed to help patients reach their goals.

  • At the end of the hospitalization, you will receive a survey. Please complete the survey regarding your hospital stay. We encourage your feedback and suggestions. It will assist us to better serve you!