We work in close collaboration with the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center. Please refer your patient to one of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center sites throughout the Los Angeles area (Westwood, Santa Monica, and Torrance).

If you are a UCLA physician, you can make a referral by entering an order (“Referral for Sleep Consultation”) on CareConnect. On the referral order window, please check “Insomnia” and select one of thUCLA Sleep Disorders Center sites convenient for your patient (MED PENINSULA PULM, MSS PULMONOLOGY MP2, SLEEP MP3, or SLEEP SANTA MONICA).

If you are not affiliated with UCLA, you can make a referral using the UCLA Physician Referral Service  (call, fax, or email):

Please note that our clinic provides behavioral treatments only without using medications. Furthermore, a frequent and consistent use of sleep medications may reduce the benefits of our behavioral insomnia treatments. Thus, if your patient is taking any sleep medications, we will discuss the possibility of tapering off such medications with your patient.