Here are some suggested items and home modifications that will make your return home easier during your recovery.

  1. Securely fasten safety bars or handrails in your shower or bath.
  2. Secure handrails along stairways.
  3. A stable chair for early in you recovery with a firm seat cushion, a firm back and two arms.
  4. A long handled sponge and shower hose.
  5. A dressing stick, a sock aid, and a long handled shoehorn for putting on and taking off shoes and socks without excessively bending. (Recommended for hips)
  6. A reacher will allow you to grab objects. (Recommended for hips)
  7. Removal of all loose carpets and electrical cords from areas where you walk in your home.
  8. A temporary living space on one floor in your home.
  9. Waterbeds and futons are not recommended.
  10. A raised toilet seat (3 in 1 commode) can be ordered for you in the hospital
  11. A shower bench or chair for bathing (3 in 1 commode) can be ordered for you in the hospital
  12. A hip cushion to sit on to keep your hips higher than your knees while sitting in cars and on chairs. We will provide you with one if you are having a hip replacement. (Recommended for hips)