E0604 - Hospital Grade Breast Pump

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When to request a "hospital grade" breast pump

The term "Hospital Grade Breast Pump" is a marketing tool and most personal use breast pumps (E0603) will be sufficient for most parents. 

Some high risk patients may be eligible for a multi-user, heavy duty breast pump, if they meet medical necessity criteria. Many parents will still benefit from having a good personal use breast pump.  

Eligibility for an E0604 breast pump is dependent on health plan policy and some plans won't provide them at all any longer.

Some criteria include:

  1. When a breastfeeding infant is confined to the hospital; or
  2. When a breastfeeding infant has a medical (for example, respiratory, cardiac or genetic condition) or congenital condition (for example, cleft palate) that interferes with breastfeeding; or
  3. When the mother has been unsuccessful expressing sufficient breast milk after a trial using a manual, battery powered or standard electric pump.

Because of the complexity of these scenarios, please consult lactation and/or refer to our lactation clinic for all E0604 - multi-user, heavy duty breast pump orders.

Contact the Birthplace at 424-259-8250.


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