Breastfeeding Services

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If you are a new patient seeking prenatal care, please call 310-794-7274. If you are an established patient and need to reach labor and delivery, call 310-825-9111 for Westwood or 424-259-9250 for Santa Monica.

We offer the following breastfeeding services:

Prenatal EducationWe offer prenatal breastfeeding education and counseling as group classes

Prenatal Counseling: Telephone counseling with an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is available when referred by a UCLA OB provider and delivering at our hospitals.

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Staff Training: All perinatal hospital staff working with new mothers have had additional training to support breastfeeding in the hospital after your baby’s birth.

Inpatient Lactation Consultation: Both hospitals have International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) to provide in hospital breastfeeding support.

NICU Breastfeeding Support: Ongoing Lactation support for our NICU families 

DME Breast Pump Closet: Support for accessing health plan breast pumps as needed for discharge planning, including having a vendor contract with DME providers to streamline access to breast pumps for selected health plans.

Discharge Planning: All families are welcomed to schedule a follow up phone call to help with breastfeeding. 

Outpatient Lactation Consultation: The UCLA Lactation Program offers private lactation visits with UCLA Health’s lactation consultants. Lactation visits are offered by video and in Santa Monica by appointment with provider referral.

Lactation Program (English) | Lactation Program (Spanish)

Mother / Infant Support Group: Free weekly support group led by an IBCLC to address common concerns during the “4th trimester”.

For more information, please call the BirthPlace lactation office at 424-259-8248.