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Our highly skilled team is here to provide information, therapies and hope to you and your family. Call 310-826-4458 for more information about the Newborn Screening Program.

Call 310-794-7274 to schedule a prenatal genetic screening consultation.

The mission of the California Department of Public Health, Genetic Disease Screening Program is “To serve the people of California by reducing the emotional and financial burden of disability and death caused by genetic and congenital disorders.” The goal of the Newborn Screening is “To prevent the long-term effects of genetic disease through early screening and early intervention”.

To support the State’s mission and goal, the UCLA Area Service Center (ASC) provides follow-up activities for newborns needing additional testing and/or a referral to pediatric specialists if indicated for diagnostic evaluation and initiation of treatment. The UCLA ASC also provides healthcare professionals and the community with education, resources and technical assistance on the operations of the CA Newborn Screening Program.

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Meet the UCLA Area Service Center Team

Derek Wong, MD
Medical Director

Breònna Preston, MPH, CHES
Program Director
[email protected]

Leslie Valladares, RN, BSN
Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Carmen Ng, MPH
Program Coordinator
[email protected]
Kelly Gafni, MPH, RD
Program Specialist
Donna Fletcher, MSW
Program Specialist