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We treat CTD-ILD using a comprehensive approach and individualized care plans. Call us at 310-825-5800 to connect with an expert.

Make an appointment to come to the CTD-ILD Program

To schedule an appointment, please call the primary coordinator for the CTD-ILD Program at (310) 825-5800.

Operator with a headset

Please leave your name, contact number, and times when you are available to speak with the coordinator, and the coordinator will return your call promptly.

The coordinator will ask you to fax your medical records to our office at fax no. (310) 206-5088, prior to your appointment so that your CTD-ILD doctors will have adequate time to review your records prior to your appointment.

Pre-visit Checklist
View documents that should be faxed prior to your appointment

The coordinator will also ask you to complete pre-visit questionnaires to help us assess the severity of your symptoms. Please print and complete these forms prior to your visit.

You can bring these questionnaires to your appointment or you can fax them to our office (fax no. 310-206-5088).

Questionnaires Page
View the pre-visit questionnaires