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Are there any prerequisites to apply for the fellowship?

The only prerequisite for application to our fellowship is completion of an ACGME-accredited residency program.

What are some strengths of our program?

Strengths of the program include hands-on clinical training in TCM along with clinical nutrition, integrative oncology, inpatient integrative medicine, lifestyle medicine, and integrative medicineGraduates are certified to provide acupuncture in their medical practice. During the second year, we support fellows to cultivate individual interests and projects, and are given additional time to explore affiliated integrative clinic experiences. Our clinic is one of the largest integrative medicine clinical programs in the US and provides an excellent environment to train as an expert in integrative care. We are nested in the larger UCLA community and the Collaborative Center’s for Integrative Medicine.

What makes this fellowship unique? 

  • Our extensive clinical training and training in TCM and acupuncture. Our fellows have weekly didactics on the foundations of TCM theory as well as the clinical practice of TCM. Didactics are taught by TCM experts and professors.
  • There is extensive academic training and experience. Educational components include leading UCLA medical student selective and elective courses, regular academic case conferences, research meetings in collaboration with the UCLA Division of General Internal Medicine & Health Services Research and noon conferences and lectures featuring experts found locally, nationally and internationally. Fellows are expected to publish, participate and/or present in national integrative medicine conferences, teach undergraduate students, medical students, and resident rotators, as well as participate in other creative or scholarly activities under the title of Clinical Instructor at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. At the end of the fellowship, fellows are certified by the fellowship team and eligible to sit for the ABOIM
  • Fellows are typically retained to fit the demand of our ever-growing number of CEWM centers across Los Angeles. In the past four years, the main Santa Monica center has expanded to Westlake Village, Torrance, and Palos Verdes.

What do our fellows do after graduation?

In the past 5 years, our fellows have mainly been retained in faculty positions within the center at its various branches. In the past, fellows have graduated to then lead integrative medicine centers, palliative care centers, and opened private East-West clinics. Some fellows who have stayed primarily do East-West consults while others also include primary care for a portion of their FTE. There is also an opportunity to become a part of the inpatient East-West team.

Is the fellowship ACGME certified?

Our fellowship is not ACGME certified, which is also true for all other fellowships in integrative medicine. There are several reasons for this, the primary of which is that the field of integrative medicine is going through a 'standardization' process. For example, a fairly recent development was the establishment of a board certification exam. However, this board certification is offered through the American Board of Physician Specialties, rather than the American Board of Medical Specialties, who works more closely with ACGME.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any MD or DO who has completed a US ACGME accredited residency program in internal medicine, family medicine, or Med-Peds may apply.

When should applicants apply?

Applicants usually apply during the early part of their final year of residency. Applications are due by November 1 and interviews are conducted during November/December. If you missed the deadline and are still interested, please contact our center to inquire about your situation. However, applicants are welcome to apply a year in advance if there is a strong interest and if they would like to secure a fellowship position earlier. We also encourage potential applicants to do at least a 2-week elective rotation with us (ideally before application season begins), so that they can become more familiar with our program and meet all of our faculty.

What are salary and benefits?

The salary is a junior faculty salary with a UCLA faculty appointment. There are no nights or weekend calls although fellows will be responsible for pages and calls (though extremely rare). Major holidays are given according to the UCLA academic calendar.