Subspecialty Consultative Fellowship

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The consultative fellowship track is designed to equip fellows with in-depth working knowledge in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how this can be applied in an outpatient consultative practice. TCM principles are imparted to fellows during weekly didactic sessions that cover the foundations of TCM and TCM internal medicine as well as other special topics. These sessions, in addition to a robust clinical experience, allow MD and DO fellowship graduates to combine Western Medicine and TCM principles effectively and independently without any prior knowledge of TCM.

Graduates from this track leave with a distinctive area of expertise in an area of their interest. For example, this has included Integrative East-West approaches to patients with ENT, autoimmune conditions and managing inpatient/high utilizer patient populations. We have a diverse array of clinical and research faculty to help mentor our fellows in their preferred focus.

Consultative-track fellows will spend the majority of their clinical time seeing patients who are referred to our outpatient practice for the management of debilitating illnesses that are otherwise not optimally treated in the current medical model. Graduates will also be trained to work in conjunction with acupuncturists and manual therapists, and on completion of the fellowship, will be poised to establish a successful integrative medicine consultative practice.

How long is the program?

  • Full-time Fellowship: 1.5 years
  • Part-time Community Fellowship: 2 years part-time (40%)

When to submit fellowship applications?

  • Fellowship Cycle Starting July 2024 (Accepting applications from now through November 1, 2023)

To Apply:

Download the Fellowship Application and follow the instructions on the application to submit. All fellowship applications are due by November 1. Applicants selected to proceed to the next step will be invited for an in-person interview in November/December.

Submit 3 letters of recommendation including one from your program director, your CV, and a personal statement. In your personal statement, please include why this fellowship fits with your career goals.

For further information, please contact [email protected]. We would be happy to speak with you for clarification and further discussion.