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"I valued the fact that this class made me think out of the box about how to approach medical diagnosis. Also, from completing this course I realized that I have a knack for eastern medicine and want to incorporate it in my medical journey." - graduate student of Health Psychology from UCLA

"A new perspective and alternative approach to medicine. The course clearly illustrated problems with modern Western medicine and offered ways to fix those problems. Most importantly it taught me to keep an open mind." - student from UCLA

"I valued most my new understanding of how to find good research and understand the research model for integrative medicine. I am so happy to better understand all the components of CAM and integrative medicine, to have changed my nutrition and incorporated acupressure into my life. I'm glad to have been exposed to such a wealth of knowledge." - student from UCLA

"I can apply the concepts I have learn on unconventional therapies to my daily life and hopefully lead a healthier lifestyle." - student from UCLA

"A very interesting course. I choose this course because I thought it might be interesting to learn about the Eastern side of medicine. Little did I know, that I would be so motivated by the idea of integrative medicine as a new model to re-shape the image of medicine. Dr. Hui definitely has a way of importing his knowledge with his own viewpoints and life examples. I'm rather impressed by this course. Also, I thought the structure of the course was excellent covering as extensively as possible in a short period of time. Even though, I am living in a country which practices TCM, I have never had a high opinion of it until I attended this course." - student from Singapore

"I like how this class promoted thinking and it changed my perspective on medicine. I learned a lot about integrative medicine, good demonstration/clinic visit (really insightful!)." - student from UCLA