Inpatient Eating Disorder Program

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We offer comprehensive eating disorder treatment programs. To learn more about our services, call 310-825-2631.

The continuum of the UCLA Eating Disorders Program ranges from comprehensive, full-time, hospital-based treatment, to outpatient groups and outpatient pharmacologic management. We can also provide referrals for outpatient individual psychotherapy.   

All aspects of the UCLA Eating Disorders Program are directed and supervised by Michael Strober, PhD. Given that the decision to undertake treatment is a difficult one, Dr. Strober extends to any interested individual or family the opportunity for an extended consultation to address such questions and concerns.  Dr. Strober can be reached at 310-825-5730 or via email at [email protected].

Inpatient Treatment 

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The first phase of UCLA's comprehensive Eating Disorders Program is inpatient treatment.  Children and teenagers admitted to the inpatient eating disorders program typically are struggling with a variety of dysfunctional eating behaviors and weight-altering behaviors, as well as a range of related psychological symptoms.  

The inpatient phase of the program is organized to create a highly structured, intense therapeutic milieu and a high level of supervision.  Treatment components include the eating program, individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy, activity groups, and medication therapy if needed.  Each patient receives multidisciplinary assessments and interventions, and each patient's treatment is overseen by a care coordinator who also provides the patient's individual psychotherapy.  When needed, medical consultation is arranged through the appropriate department in the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.  Assistance with discharge planning is also provided for each patient by the treatment team. 

With parents' permission, patients are enrolled in a hospital-based school, which is provided by the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Academic assessment and remedial services are available.

Learn more about the modalities utilized during the inpatient stay:

Outpatient Eating Disorder Services

Please contact our coordinator of admissions, Brandy Saccacio MSOTR/L at 310-948-8170 or email [email protected].