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Nourish for Life Outpatient Program:

At UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital our professional team provides diagnostic and therapeutic outpatient support for questions around disordered eating or known eating disorder diagnoses. The following services are available to those 26 and under.

I. Inter-Disciplinary Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

Assessment is performed over two sessions, one week apart. 
1) Initial visit with adolescent/young adult medicine physician (1.5-2 hours): 
     a) Assessment for medical safety, including determination of the need for hospitalization; 
     b) Eating disorder focused medical assessment.
2) Assessment with psychologist and dietitian occurs the following week (3+ hours):
     a) Clarification or establishment of diagnosis; 
     b) Team recommendation for treatment plan.

II. Medical Assessment or Consultation

* Physician assessment and follow up is provided for those participating in or graduating from treatment programs;
* Medical consultation for disordered eating in the context of complex illnesses.

III. Collaborative Outpatient Level of Care

Following assessment, the Nourish for Life team provides once-weekly outpatient services, based on the individual’s or family’s needs and circumstances. We use a variety of treatment modalities including:
* Family-Based Treatment (FBT) 
* Adolescent/Young Adult-Focused Treatment 
* Cognitive Behavioral Treatment - Enhanced (CBT-E)
* Exposure Therapy
* Other modalities (such as DBT) as indicated

To book an intake appointment, call the pediatric appointment line at 310-825-0867. 
Clinic locations and addresses:

300 Medical Plaza, Suite 3300
Los Angeles, CA 90095

1260 15th Street, Suite 1024
Santa Monica, CA 90404