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UCLA Extensivist Kennamer Fellowship in General Internal Medicine

The objective of the UCLA Extensivist Kennamer Fellowship in General Internal Medicine is to train outstanding clinicians with expertise in caring for medically and socially complex patients across the care spectrum.

The fellow will have yearlong longitudinal clinical rotations in a variety of UCLA and non-UCLA clinical sites, as well as didactics and immersion experiences that are tailored to the career goals of the fellow.

As the role of the primary-care internist expands, the clinical skills and areas of capability of these practitioners need to grow. The Kennamer Fellowship has always been an innovative endeavor to develop clinicians who provide extraordinary care. This fellowship represents the augmentation of the role of the general internist to produce the type of primary care physician needed in today’s world.

Overarching Aim

To train outstanding, innovative, fellow physicians, who deliver high quality, interdisciplinary and humanistic care to a highly complex and vulnerable patient population using a unique model of care that enhances internal medicine training.

Candidate fellows will have excellent inpatient and outpatient skills and will have completed an internal medicine residency. They will engage in a project exploring innovative care delivery techniques to improve the health of complex patients. Fellows will engage in experiences that expand their breadth and depth of knowledge to prepare them for advanced practice.

The UCLA Kennamer Extensivist Fellowship curriculum consists of five general core educational domains:

  1. Medical Knowledge, Disease Prevention, and Clinical Care
  2. Healthcare Systems, Quality Improvement, and Interdisciplinary Medicine
  3. Social Determinants of Health and Behavioral Health
  4. Humanism in Medicine and Professionalism
  5. Medical Education and Scholarly Activity

Fellowship components will include:

  • Care for medically and psychosocially complex patients
  • Effectively leading an interdisciplinary team in the ambulatory setting
  • Developing comfort with using the patient’s home as an effective care setting
  • Incorporating telehealth, including remote monitoring to care for patients in the home setting
  • Engaging in experiences in palliative care, behavioral health, and East-West medicine
  • Training surrounding substance use disorders and treatment
  • Treating mental health disorders in patients with complex medical conditions
  • Teaching opportunities of residents and medical students
  • Opportunity to receive training in LEAN methodology Quality Improvement Methods
  • Coursework and workshops spanning a variety of topics including complex care medicine, transitions of care, social determinants of health, epidemiology and statistics, palliative care medicine, advance care planning, and behavioral health

The program is now accepting applications for a 2024-25 fellowship.  The detailed job posting with the online application is available here.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Program Leadership

Josh Khalili, MD
Extensivist Fellowship Director
[email protected]

Peter Young, MD
Extensivist Fellowship Associate Program Director
[email protected]