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Extensivists can help reduce hospital admissions and improve your quality of life. Call 310-206-6232 to learn more about our extensivist services.

The UCLA Extensivist program is a clinical program made up of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, care coordinators and patient service representatives. This extensivist team collaborates with primary care and specialty physicians to help optimize the care of patients with complex medical conditions and frequent hospital admissions.

The UCLA Extensivist program provides patients with:

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  • Improved access to care, including same day availability with one of our extensivist physicians for urgent visits
  • Intensive outpatient management, which includes services such as IV fluid and antibiotic administration
  • Comprehensive care coordination
  • Improved transitions from inpatient to outpatient care—and back again, with hospital consultations by our extensivist physicians

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