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The new concepts in hair transplantation take genetically stable hairs from the back or sides of the head and meticulously redistribute them into receptor sites utilizing only micrografts (grafts with one, two, or three hairs at a time) simulating the way hair naturally grows. At our surgical center, we believe that the transplantation of hair is more than a surgery, it is an art. In essence, the physician is painting a new, individually crafted hairline that appears natural. We also use a feathering technique by placing the fine, single hair grafts at the front of the hairline and then place two or three hair grafts more towards the back of the hairline to add density and fullness. This feathering technique artfully softens the hairline, giving it the natural microvariations that make it virtually impossible to detect. We also take precautions to monitor depth control by expanding limited anesthetized areas, which allow for a more dense appearance.

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