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Our facial plastic surgeons offer a wide range of complex treatments to improve your quality of life. Call 310-206-6688 to learn more about facial plastic surgery at UCLA Health.

Keith Blackwell

Keith E. Blackwell, MD
Professor and Division Chief
(310) 206-6688 Appointments

Vishad Nabili

Vishad Nabili, MD 
Vice Chair
(310) 794-0239 Appointments

Irene Kim
Irene A. Kim, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor
Director, Facial Nerve Center
(424) 259-6559 Appointments
Rhorie Kerr

Rhorie Kerr, MD
Assistant Professor
(310) 206-6688

Gregory Keller

Gregory S. Keller, MD 
Clinical Professor and Fellowship Co-Director
(805) 687-6408 Appointments

Jeffrey Rawnsley

Jeffrey Rawnsley, MD
Associate Clinical Professor and Fellowship Co-Director
(310) 570-0244 Appointments