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Our facial plastic surgeons offer a wide range of complex treatments to improve your quality of life. Call 310-206-6688 to learn more about facial plastic surgery at UCLA Health.

Reconstructive Surgery. UCLA Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery division is a pioneer and leader in reconstructive surgery of the face and neck. We focus on the treatment of patients who have acquired, congenital and post-cancer irregularities to the face and neck. The goal of treatment is to restore natural form and function and enable patients to live as close to normal lives as possible.

We have experts who specialize in the reconstruction of Mohs (dermatologic) related surgical defects. Techniques range from minimally invasive procedures to advanced operations using tissue rearrangement, cartilage grafting, rotation flaps and skin grafting techniques. The ideal result restores normalcy, faithfully reconstituting natural contours, matching skin color and hiding the scars in natural shadows so that they are not noticed. Facial plastic surgical consultation is often requested for nasal, oral and orbital reconstructions. Paramedian forehead flaps, nasolabial flaps, and cheek advancement flaps are also commonly employed in our patients.

World renowned expertise in microvascular free flap reconstruction is led by our division chief, Dr. Keith Blackwell and his team,  to address very large areas of the face and neck that may require extensive repair. Our reconstructive expertise leads the nation with an unsurpassed 99.5% success rate of microvascular (free flap) surgeries in nearly 2000 cases encompassing over 20 years at UCLA.

As face experts, we are now embarking upon performing the first total face transplant surgery on the West Coast and we look forward to leading this exciting period for UCLA.

To learn more about facial reconstruction, and whether or not these procedure are right for you, please call (310) 794-0239 today to schedule a consultation.

Microvascular Reconstruction

A technically demanding surgical technique in which tissue grafts harvested from the arms, legs, abdomen, and back are transferred to the mouth, throat, or face to replace missing tissues. Surgeons within the Department of Head and Neck Surgery have an extensive experience with this state-of-the-art reconstructive surgical method, treating more patients than most, if not all, other medical centers in the United States. To learn more, please visit the UCLA Head and Neck Surgery website.

Face Transplantation

The UCLA Face Transplantation Program, the first of its kind in the western United States, is seeking candidates to participate in a clinical trial and be followed for five years after the surgery. Candidates for the clinical trial will undergo a thorough evaluation to determine whether they meet criteria to participate. For more information or to learn more about face transplantation at UCLA, call (310) 794-2558 or visit

Mohs Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Working alongside our Dermatologic Mohs Surgeons at UCLA we provide same day reconstruction for any skin cancer related defect of the face and neck. Our goal, as face experts, is to make sure that any skin cancer related defect is reconstructed with the aesthetic and cosmetic principles needed to achieve form, beauty and function.

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