Pediatric Cutaneous Oncology Clinic (PCOC)

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There are specific factors that increase the risk and chances of some infants and children to develop skin cancer.

These include:

  1. Solid organ (kidney, heart, lung, etc.) or hematopoietic stem cell (bone marrow) transplantation
  2. Cancer and cancer treatments, like radiation and chemotherapy
  3. Genetic syndromes that make the skin sensitive to sun damage
  4. Hereditary cancer syndromes
  5. Family history of melanoma in a 1st degree blood relative (not sun induced pre-cancers or skin cancers)
  6. Medications that are known to suppress the immune system

PCOC is a multi-disciplinary clinic aimed to provide a medical home for patients who are at a greater risk for skin cancers. This clinic is not intended for routine nevi (mole) checks. The clinic will be on the first Monday of every month.

Please note: referral to the PCOC requires physician referral. Our staff will determine whether the requirements to be seen in this multi-disciplinary clinic have been met.

To schedule an appointment please contact:

Katia Cordova
Phone: 310-825-2166
Email: [email protected]