Outpatient Care

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Our geriatric medicine specialists provide exceptional care for senior patients. To find out more about our services, call 800-UCLA-MD1 or 310-825-2631.

The UCLA Geriatric Medicine Division has a unique approach to patient care. Our clinicians combine their multidisciplinary expertise into a team approach that offers patients comprehensive, thorough and dedicated support for health concerns related to older adults.

We have dedicated our professional careers to serving the needs of those who are often the most vulnerable. We see patients at every stage of health and our aim is to provide personalized care to help achieve each patient's personal goals and desired quality of life.

We are geriatricians first, specializing in the range of health issues that affect the aging population. Each patient's history is carefully considered by our team, including information collected prior to the visit, and each patient benefits directly from this clinical practice by receiving treatment from geriatricians whose expertise focuses on the patient's immediate and long-term needs.

UCLA geriatricians provide two types of outpatient care. In the first, we act as a patient's primary care physician. In this role, we coordinate all aspects of care including preventive measures, urgent issues, and care delivered by specialists. In the second type, we work as consultants to provide assistance and advice to patients and their primary care physicians when questions about geriatric issues arise.

The UCLA Division of Geriatrics offers comprehensive outpatient services in the UCLA Westwood, Simi Valley and Westlake Village clinic locations. We also work closely with other UCLA programs that strive to improve and/or maintain the quality of life of seniors.

Whether a patient's needs are for acute or chronic illness or palliative care, UCLA geriatricians help patients understand those needs and provide dedicated resources to helping our patients live in the best health possible and confront their illnesses with dignity.