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Our Mission

The Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic brings together expertise in genetics and subspecialty cardiology at UCLA to provide personalized care to patients and families with inherited or genetic forms of cardiovascular disease.

Unlike common forms of cardiovascular diseases that develop due to diet or other lifestyle factors, inherited or genetic cardiovascular diseases are the result of an abnormal genetic program a change in our DNA that we are born with.  These types of changes can lead to weakness of the heart muscle, irregular heart rhythms, vascular disease, abnormal cholesterols and congenital heart defects. Genetic testing enables us to look for changes in our genes that may lead to cardiovascular disease survey for gene mutations, and make recommendations regarding evaluation in family members who may be at risk based on the findings. Understanding the genetic contribution to disease can also provide insight on the chance of recurrence in an individual’s children. This may help diagnose those who are at risk for cardiovascular disease before they have symptoms and make recommendations to mitigate or prevent it.

In addition to offering patients the latest clinical evaluation, the best of standard treatments and state-of-the-art diagnostic assessment, including gene panel and exome genetic testing, our team at the Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic places an emphasis on a family-centered model to facilitate family member screening and surveillance. We tailor genetic counseling and coordinate care among pediatric and adult subspecialists to meet the unique needs of our patients and families.

The Cardiovascular Genetics Clinic’s research mission through the Inherited Cardiovascular Disease Registry fosters a close collaboration with the greater cardiovascular research community at UCLA to advance translational research as well as longitudinal insights on prevention, prognosis and treatment confronting individuals and families with inherited or genetic forms of cardiovascular disease.