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Our team actively pursues cutting-edge research, in addition to our focus on diagnosing and treating patients. Advancements in research ultimately lead to more effective ways to identify, manage and prevent inherited cardiovascular diseases.

The UCLA Cardiovascular Center is conducting a research in patients and families with inherited cardiovascular diseases to better understand environmental and genetic factors influencing disease manifestation and progression. Patients receiving care for diseases that affect the heart and blood vessels and

  1. have at least one first- or second-degree relative with the same or similar condition of the heart and blood vessels OR
  2. have any of the heart-related conditions that are generally believed to be inherited or familial will be eligible to participate.
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Participants will be invited for a detailed family history analysis, lifestyle survey, medical record review and a one-time blood sample collection. If necessary, the participant's family members may be invited for additional medical history and saliva sample collection for comparison. The collected study data and samples will be depository in the Inherited Cardiovascular Disease Registry to understand how environmental and genetic factors influence heart disease within families and in populations. For participants undergoing surgical treatments for their condition, where tissue samples from the heart, skin, fat or muscle becomes available and would have been discarded, these tissue samples will be collected and deposited in the research repository for future research.

This is an observational registry study to collect data and samples relevant to the genetics of heart disease. The risks associated with the study will be minimal but the interview process may uncover parts of the family history that may have some unanticipated psychological impacts. The participants may receive psychological benefits from knowing that their participation may potentially further scientific and medical knowledge. No payment will be made as a result of participation. The time commitment required will be 60 minutes.

The location of research will be at the UCLA Cardiovascular Center or at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

For further information or inquiry, please contact:

Jessica Wang, MD, PhD
[email protected]