Interventional Fellowship Program

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Trainees who will have completed a cardiovascular disease fellowship may apply for specialized training in our Interventional Cardiology Program. The Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is accredited by the ACGME and consists of 12 months of clinical training in interventional cardiology.

The UCLA Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Training Program is designed to provide a broad exposure to interventional cardiovascular procedures as well as interventional cardiovascular research. The goal of the program emphasizes indications for procedures, pathophysiology, therapeutics, and management of patients following procedures both acutely and in the long term, as well as the humanistic, moral, and ethical aspects of interventional cardiology. Comprehensive training in acute and chronic cardiovascular diseases, emphasizing accurate ambulatory and bedside clinical diagnosis, appropriate utilization of diagnostic studies and integration of all data into the decision making process associated with a well communicated consultation, with sensitivity to the unique features of each individual patient will be provided to our fellows during their training. Active participation in research will provide the trainee with further experience in critical thinking, evaluating the clinical literature, and potentially prepare the trainee for a career in academic interventional cardiology. The program emphasizes broad training to provide a solid foundation in interventional cardiology as well as the insight needed by an interventional cardiologist dealing with a wide spectrum of patients.

If you would like to apply for this program, please submit your application online through ERAS. Deadline application falls on the first Friday of January.

For more information or questions:

Ladda Douangvila, IC Fellowship Coordinator
(310) 794-4797
[email protected]