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Referring a Patient to UCLA

UCLA is currently accepting international, national and local referrals for patients in need of cardiology services. UCLA works as a team to treat all the needs of our patients. Our physicians work together to assure the highest quality of patient care and safety.

Please send referrals to:

If you are a physician wishing to refer a patient to UCLA, please provide us with any or all of the following information:

  • All general medical information
    Femal doctor smiling
  • All medication records
  • Cardiac history and physical
  • Recent physician notes (including all procedural notes)
  • ECGs
  • Holter/event recorder (please include tracings)
  • Electrophysiology study reports
  • Ablation or device reports
  • Echocardiogram reports
  • Stress testing reports
  • Nuclear studies
  • Cardiac MRI/ CT reports
  • Any other records you feel will be necessary to evaluate patient
  • Patient demographics and Insurance information
  • All patient barriers (including language, cognitive, physical and cultural)