Grant Funded Psycho-social

Grant Funded Psycho-social Program

There are known risks associated with stress and heart disease. The UCLA Women's Cardiovascular Center grant funded psycho-social program shows that consultation with a cardiac psychologist can be associated with;

*Decrease in depression     *Decrease in anxiety      *Decrease in stress

Meet Dr. Anne Saltzman

Dr. Saltzman engages with our patients - resulting in a safe and caring dialogue between our cardiac psychologist and you! While sharing your worries and concerns, Dr. Saltzman will monitor any emotional distress that could potentially impair your heart health. The conversation is customized based on your needs and on your emotions. After a few sessions you will begin to incorporate new insights into your life and into your relationships to improve your well-being and to prevent further symptoms.

"Over my career at UCLA I have been reminded of the healing quality of the human spirit, resilience of my patients that have faced major health issues, and our common ability to find humor and happiness to help recover from life’s major challenges.”

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Anne Saltzman, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist specialized in cardiology. She works at the UCLA Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center where she offers individual interventions and assessments as well as support for couples and caregivers.  

She received her Master of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis degree at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France and completed her doctorate in Los Angeles with a dissertation on the “Notion of Trauma Associated with a Medical Procedure”. 

She is the first specialist to provide psychological services to cardiac patients within UCLA Health. Dr. Saltzman organizes support groups for men and women suffering from heart disease and support for their caregivers, and has developed educational sessions on sleep, stress, and doctor-patient interactions.  

In collaboration with the UCLA Heart Transplant Team, she participated in a research project on the use of the Stanford Integrated Psychosocial Assessment for Transplant (SIPAT) tool to complement and standardize the psychosocial evaluation process of heart transplant patients.  

Dr. Saltzman is part of the UCLA Women Heart Center where she collaborates with cardiologists and offers community based interventions and lectures on Women and Stress. (let’s Talk lectures series). She is the Director of the first Practicum in Cardiac Psychology. She is a Faculty member of the UCLA department of psychology.  Languages; Fluent in French and English - notion of Russian

Licenses and Certifications License in clinical psychology #PSY 24989

Academic Experience Seminars on French Psychoanalysis (Jacques Lacan) in Los Angeles Counseling Centers, Graduate Programs and Psychoanalytic Centers. University of Paris I – Sorbonne Department of Philosophy.     

Doctoral Thesis: “The Analytical Frame as an Enactment of Trauma and Narcissistic Wounding.” Case study articulating the notions of trauma, personality disorder and their manifestations within the therapeutic setting.

Art History Diploma from the School of the Louvre (Art Museum – Paris, France).  

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