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Daily hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help heal your body. To learn more about our hyperbaric medicine services, call 310-794-1031.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy frequently is an addition to treatments that may include antibiotics, surgery, nutritional support and other interventions recommended by primary-care physicians.

Indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy are based on recommendations defined by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS). The following indications are approved uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy:

Multi-place vs. Mono-place

There are many advantages of a multi-place chamber over a single-person, mono-place chamber. Due to the larger size of the multi-place chamber, people with claustrophobia are better able to tolerate treatment than in a mono-place chamber. In addition, a member of the UCLA staff is with the patient inside the chamber at all times to assist the patient during treatment. UCLA's multi-place chamber is also able to treat a wider array of diagnoses, including critical care and unconscious patients.