What to Expect at an HRIF Appointment

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During each visit, the family meets with all the members of the multi-disciplinary team including the NeonatologistDevelopmental Behavioral Pediatrician, Psychologist, Physical and Occupational therapists, dietician and social worker. The length of the visit can be variable depending on the child’s age, but usually takes about an hour and a half.

The assessments at each visit are individualized to each baby/family’s needs but may include:

  • General Movements Assessment (at 3-4 mo corrected age)
  • Neurologic Assessment
  • Physical Therapy Assessment
  • Developmental Assessments including screening for autism
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Assessment of psychosocial stressors

The results of the developmental evaluation are shared with families at the end of each visit along with detailed recommendations for next steps, including referrals to additional services or other specialists as needed. Our team also communicates with the child’s pediatrician and Regional center.