Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a time when potential issues related to infectious diseases can result in more specific and expanded concerns.  Our UCLA Health physicians include experts in the care of pregnancies impacted by pre-existing or new infectious disease complications, including viral infections like varicella (chickenpox), hepatitis, and COVID-19, as well as those created by bacterial (group B strep and listeria) and parasites (from pinworm to toxoplasmosis). 

We also can provide evidence-based guidance surrounding the indications for and safety of vaccinations and antibiotics around the time of pregnancy. We encourage our pregnant patients to talk with their providers about best practices for preventing infections in both moms and newborns.  One of the best ways is to be up-to-date with recommended vaccinations during pregnancy, including influenza (flu), Tdap (Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis), and COVID-19. 

We work closely with our colleagues in adult and pediatric infectious diseases to help ensure the healthiest pregnancies, from pre-conception, through a pregnancy, and continuing until after delivery, including coordinating any necessary care for your newborn.

Conditions We Help to Manage in Pregnancy

  • Congenital (intrauterine) infections, or pregnancies at risk for them
  • Management of chronic infections during pregnancy, such as viral hepatitis or HIV
  • Chronic urinary infections
  • Antibiotic use during pregnancy: pre-conception and during-pregnancy counseling regarding safety for mother and fetus/newborn
  • Vaccine safety in the setting of pre-pregnancy and pregnancy
  • Acquired maternal infections in pregnancy, such as food-borne illnesses

Our Team

UCLA Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy Program Director:

  • Neil Silverman, MD, UCLA Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine

UCLA Division of Maternal-fetal Medicine Team:

Our Collaborating Divisions:

The World Health Organization declared the monkeypox spread a global health emergency in July 2022. To address any questions related to monkeypox and pregnancy, UCLA Health OBGYN Neil S. Silverman, MD, director of the Infections in Pregnancy Program, shares information on the monkeypox virus and how it can impact pregnancy in the below webinar: