Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Our ophthalmologists diagnose and treat a wide range of eye conditions. We offer expert, comprehensive eye care at our renowned eye institute.

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UCLA Health excellence in comprehensive ophthalmology

Our ophthalmologists provide ongoing care for a range of eye conditions and vision problems. You benefit from coordinated, comprehensive treatment in a convenient setting. Our team is part of the UCLA Health Stein Eye Institute and Doheny Eye Centers, which U.S. News & World Report ranks fifth in the nation for ophthalmology care.

Highlights of our program include:

Comprehensive care: Our highly trained experts offer complete ophthalmology care. We provide ongoing treatment and refer to subspecialists as needed. 

Teaching and training: As an academic center, UCLA Health has a strong emphasis on training residents and fellows. Because of our training programs, we have more specialists available for timely appointments, which allows for easier access to care. As teachers and mentors, our specialists continually learn and implement the newest, most effective treatments.

Access to advanced treatments: We have multiple locations for patients to conveniently schedule appointments. Through the Stein Eye Institute, we also have access to the latest technology and dedicated ophthalmic surgery rooms. The staff in these operating rooms are all experts who exclusively focus on ophthalmic procedures.

Our areas of care

In addition to clinic services for general eye care, we offer specialized outpatient and inpatient services, including:

Ophthalmology Urgent Care Center

The urgent care center is available for patients with eye issues requiring immediate care, such as infections, injuries or new flashes or floaters. The center is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. We recommend calling ahead to ensure availability, although walk-ins are welcome.

Contact lens practice

At the contact lens practice, our experts treat patients who have had a previous unsuccessful fit with standard soft contact lenses. It may be appropriate for those who have had eye surgery, corneal scars or other eye problems.

We care for patients with the most complex needs, providing multiple options for contact lenses. Patients may benefit from specialized contact lenses such as rigid gas permeable lenses or scleral contact lenses.

Dry Eye Center

Specialists at the Dry Eye Center treat patients who have been unsuccessful in controlling dry eye with common standard treatments. We offer multiple testing options so that every patient receives a tailored, effective treatment plan.

Inpatient consultation service

Our attending physicians and ophthalmology residents evaluate and treat patients in the hospital who have eye issues of any nature. Depending on the diagnosis, we may refer to subspecialists for complex conditions.

Eye conditions we treat

General ophthalmologists treat a full spectrum of eye issues. We commonly treat:

Cataracts: Cloudiness on the clear lens of the eye leading to blurry vision

Diabetic eye disease: A group of eye problems arising from diabetes, including diabetic retinopathy, which damages blood vessels in the tissue at the back of the eye (retina)

Dry eye: A condition in which the eyes don’t produce enough tears to keep the eye lubricated

Glaucoma: A condition that causes damage to the optic nerve, which connects the eye and the brain, leading to blindness if left untreated

Macular degeneration: Damage to the retina that causes a decline in central vision

Eye treatments we offer

Our specialists provide a full range of ophthalmology treatments, including:

Cataract surgery: Procedures to remove the cloudy eye lens and replace it with an artificial one (intraocular lens)   

Eye drops: Treatment to lubricate the eyes, sometimes with medication

Glasses or contact lenses: Prescription lenses to improve vision 

Lid scrubs: Gentle cleansers to relieve eyelid inflammation and wash away bacteria

Medications: Antibiotics or other prescription medicines to treat eye allergies, inflammation or infections

Meet our team

Our ophthalmologists treat the full range of eye problems, including urgent concerns. We offer a spectrum of nonsurgical and surgical treatment options at multiple locations. Our eye doctors work with subspecialized ophthalmologists to provide comprehensive, coordinated care.

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