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UCLA MDChat Webinars offer the latest information on advances and treatments from expert physicians at UCLA. 


Being Psychologically Ready Following ACL Rehabilitation

In this third part of the series, UCLA sports neuropsychologist Douglas R. Polster, PhD, discusses psychological preparedness for returning to play, how to self-assess readiness and when to seek help from a sports psychologist.

Physical Rehab Following ACL Reconstruction

In this second part of the conversation series, UCLA physical therapist Carole Netter, PT, MS, covers rehab principles, braces, crutches and the home exercise program (HEP) for the initial six-to-12 week post-operation period.

Diagnosing an ACL Tear: Surgery Considerations

In this first part of the conversation series, UCLA orthopaedic surgeon Jennifer Beck, MD, talks about the anatomy of ACL tears, why they are reconstructed and what happens if they are not reconstructed.

Back to School Means Back to School Sports

Join UCLA orthopaedic surgeon Jennifer Beck, MD, as she shares injury prevention tips for young athletes, parents, and coaches as kids return this fall to school sports.

Common Musculoskeletal Injuries in Young Athletes

UCLA orthopaedic surgeon Jennifer Beck, MD, reviews common musculoskeletal injuries in youth athletes, both acute and chronic, red flags for parents and coaches, at home treatment strategies, and when to seek treatment.

Novel Treatments in Spinal Surgery

UCLA orthopaedic surgeon Nick Shamie, MD, as he discusses new treatments for pinched nerve in the neck and low back. Dr. Shamie is a Board Certified Spine Surgeon and serves as the Chief of Orthopaedic Spine Surgery and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Neurosurgery at UCLA School of Medicine.