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To find out more about our orthopaedic surgery services, call 310-319-1234.

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Our goal is to provide a prompt response and to create an appointment that is convenient for you. We value your time. You can research our orthopaedic physicians to determine who might be best to treat your condition. Many of our providers have advanced fellowship training in orthopaedic specialties and sub-specialties. But remember, we also provide great general orthopaedic care

Most patients prefer to visit a site that is convenient to home or work.  We have offices in multiple locations all over Southern California. Not sure which doctor or location is best for you? No problem! Call our appointment desk and one of our knowledgeable staff members will help you to make the best choice.

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After Hours Emergencies
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Preparing for Your Appointment

  1. How long will an office appointment take?
    Please allow 1-2 hours for your appointment. However, no two patient visits are exactly the same and your physician will spend as much time as needed to ensure appropriate assessment and understanding of your care. Please bring any pertinent medical records (i.e imaging reports/CDs or prior records from other physicians who have investigated your medical problem) to your appointment.
    Preparing for your appointment with UCLA Orthopaedic Surgery
  2. Will I only see the doctor that I'm scheduled with?
    UCLA is a teaching hospital. Fellows and residents in Orthopaedic programs, nurses, and technicians may assist in your care during your visit. These individuals have special training and skills that make them an important part of our patient care team.
  3. What should I expect during the visit?
    • We will review past x-rays, MRIs, CT's and/or your previous medical records for past treatment.
    • We may obtain new x-rays at the time of the visit, if indicated.
    • We may order new radiographic imaging or MRIs, if indicated.
    • We may consider conservative treatment or procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
    • We may consider surgical intervention, if indicated.
    • If authorization is required for testing or treatment, approval from your insurance company may take up to seven (7) days.


  4. How can I contact the doctor?
    For any questions regarding your care, you may reach out to the office in the following manner: