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We care for patients with cerebral palsy in all life stages. To learn more about cerebral palsy treatment at UCLA Health, call 424-259-6593.

Not everyone who has cerebral palsy requires ongoing treatment. During growth, children with cerebral palsy require monitoring by an orthopedic surgeon to ensure proper development of their bones and muscles. Such monitoring usually stops once skeletal growth is complete.

For some people, the clinical features of cerebral palsy, such as spasticity or dystonia, create musculoskeletal problems that impair function and limit daily activities. An individually designed treatment program can make life easier and improve function. Many adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy, however, typically go to school, work and play without needing intervention.

doctor holding child with cerebral palsy

Patients at the Center’s interdisciplinary clinic receive a comprehensive evaluation by an experienced team. In setting treatment goals, ability is emphasized over disability. Patients and their families are an integral part of the decision-making process and treatments are tailored to meet the individual patient’s goals and needs.