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Westwood Clinic

The Wasserman building's innovative philosophy is reflected on the top two floors housing the UCLA Global Neurosurgery Center. The facility unites the entire Department of Neurosurgery faculty, which was previously scattered across eight buildings. The center also features a telemedicine command center that allows surgeons to continuously monitor patients in Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center; UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center; and community hospitals across California.

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The clinic boasts six exam rooms, two consultation suites and spaces for multidisciplinary teams of physicians to collaborate. A teleconferencing suite features a multimedia board room and a 70-seat IMAX-style conference center that will allow experts worldwide to pool their knowledge and accelerate surgical solutions for patients. A simulation center will enable surgeons and trainees to download images of patients’ brain anatomy to rehearse complex cases before entering the operating room. The virtual-reality environment will allow surgeons to select instruments, choose the best entry points and identify complicating factors in order to reduce medical risks and ensure successful results. We're reinventing the future of neurosurgery with this facility. This center provides us with a platform to truly revolutionize how we work together as a team, how we train the neurosurgeons of the future, and how we ensure that our patients have the very best outcomes.

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The UCLA neurosurgery team often deals with urgent/emergent life-threatening cases. Therefore, due to the unpredictable nature of the practice, we would like to mention that we cannot guarantee that you will be seen at your scheduled time. Although we make a sincere effort to see our patients at their appointed time, there is a possibility that your outpatient clinic appointment may be delayed, or canceled and rescheduled. Please keep this in mind if your appointment is delayed.