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Outpatient Referrals

Please note that insurance coverage / authorization and medical records must be sent prior to scheduling a new outpatient appointment.

Insurance & Appointment Scheduling

  • If PPO / paying out of pocket, the patient should call our Appointment Center at (310) 825-0867 to schedule a new patient appointment.
  • If HMO / Kaiser / CCS / others needing prior approval: the patient should have the authorization and medical records faxed to (310) 794-2104. Once the insurance authorization has been received, the patient should call our Appointment Center at (310) 825-0867 to schedule a new patient appointment.

Medical Records

  • If the patient is being referred from within UCLA Health: we do not need patient medical records.
  • If the patient is being referred from outside of UCLA Health: we ask for outside medical records to be faxed to (310) 794-2104. Patients can be scheduled for a New Patient appointment if they have an insurance authorization, but they should know that we will need outside medical records at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment.  If we do not receive the medical records at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled appointment, the appointment WILL be cancelled and the patient will have to reschedule.

We request that you provide ONLY records that include:

  • A written referral or summary from the referring doctor's office stating why the patient is being referred to our clinic
  • Initial evaluation and most recent clinic visit from any doctor or specialist the patient has seen since the onset of pain/symptoms
  • Results from recent laboratories and imaging.  We do not need initially need actual films or CDs

Inpatient Pain & Comfort Care (Palliative Care) Referrals

Attending Physician / Team should order the referral in CareConnect and page the Children's Pain & Comfort Care team (ID: 96668).