Increasing Safety at Home

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Taking these steps may help increase the amount of time someone with suicidal thoughts has to get help.


Removing firearms from the home can dramatically help decrease chances of death by suicide.

Pills & medications

Many medications can be lethal in overdose. This includes both over the counter and prescription pills.

Securing medications that aren’t immediately needed, and limiting access to medications that are immediately needed, can help decrease chances of death by suicide.

For minors and dependent adults, caregivers should keep custody of the medications and supervise administration of medications.

Consider purchasing a lock box to keep medications in, and a pill box to organize medications that are immediately needed.

Safely dispose of any medications that are no longer needed.

Household cleaners & sharps   

Parents of minors should consider locking household cleaners and sharp objects such as knives, which could be lethal if used in a suicide attempt.

Recreational drugs & Alcohol

Remove or restrict access to alcohol and drugs that aren’t prescribed by treating physician. Recreational drugs and alcohol can adversely affect mood in many people and can increase impulsivity.