Welcome to the 4 North Geriatric/Adult Psychiatry Unit

This Inpatient Service is comprised of two neighborhoods, A and B side, totaling 25 patient beds and is located in the Stewart & Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA (R-NPH). 4 North’s inpatient program provides intensive evaluation and differential diagnosis of acute emotional and behavioral problems such as mood disorders, dementia and psychosis to the young and older adults. The program also provides comprehensive treatment to the 18 year old and older adults who may require more complex nursing care than a general psychiatric unit can provide and/or who are experiencing complicated medical conditions along with their psychiatric symptoms. 4 North also provides expert care to those patients referred from the R-NPH ECT Department for Electroconvulsive Therapy.

elderly woman

The focus of your brief hospitalization in our acute care setting will be evaluation and stabilization to optimize your health. The 4-North staff will provide a multidisciplinary approach to your care. The staff will educate you regarding tests, treatments, and aspects of care with the appropriate discharge plans to ensure a smooth transition back to the community. For those individuals who may require a longer stay in a residential treatment program, the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital (RNPH) is able to coordinate treatment using a comprehensive set of residential and partial hospitalization treatment options.

The program’s experienced interdisciplinary treatment team assesses the biological and psychosocial components of the person’s illness and determines a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. A patient’s medical condition, whether it be acute or chronic is treated by experts in the field of geriatric medicine and internal medicine. Other specialty medicine professionals are consulted as needed. Nursing care is provided by licensed nursing staff and certified Nursing Assistants (Care Partners), trained in the areas of medicine and psychiatry. Our social workers are expert in areas of residential placement, family, and psychosocial assessment and intervention. An Occupational Therapist or Recreational Therapist will provide daily assessment, structure and management of daily living skills with a focus on maintaining or improving overall function.

When entering the hospital, patients and their families find themselves facing an unfamiliar world. Despite this, we find that most patients adjust within a short period of time. The staff is here to help with any questions that may arise and to help the patient feel welcome on admission. Upon arrival, the patient will be given a welcome packet which gives specific information about the In-patient unit, the therapeutic program, resources, and other important information such as visiting hours, telephone numbers, and billing services.

Family members are encouraged to participate in treatment and discharge planning. Assistance with residential placement, if necessary, is part of each treatment plan. Several outpatient programs, to support and maintain the patient’s involvement after discharge, are available if recommended.

The RNPH goal is to provide the patient with the highest possible quality of care while hospitalized. This includes evaluation, treatment, and discharge planning. At the end of the hospitalization, please complete a survey regarding the hospital stay. We encourage your feedback and suggestions. This packet is designed to educate the patient and their families about the hospital stay. The hope is that this hospitalization is a productive experience.