Inpatient Services

4 West Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry

4-West Inpatient Service serves adolescents and children who require inpatient treatment for a variety of psychiatric disorders, including: those associated with or complicated by learning disabilities, impulsivity and immaturity, neurological disorders such as epilepsy, and other chronic medical illnesses. Patients with conduct disorders, attention deficit disorders, organic personality disorders, schizophrenia, autism and other psychotic disorders, and other complex neurobehavioral disorders are commonly seen.

The average length of stay varies from several days to two or three weeks, depending on the goals of hospitalization. A number of patients are admitted for extensive psychiatric, neurological, and educational evaluation. Others are admitted for medication trials or stabilization, for preparation for long-term residential placement, or for treatment of emotional and/or behavioral disorders. The unit program is organized to provide a well-structured, protective, nurturing, and stimulating environment.

The unit program is a holistic approach and a behavioral milieu focus and is structured around positive reinforcement. During an initial period of adjustment on the unit, patients will be assessed for participation in school and activities. Patients socialize with other patients and generally experience life in a community of peers. They will also be involved in individual therapy sessions and expected to participate in therapeutic group activities with other patients and staff on the unit.

4 East Adult Intensive Care Psychiatry 

4 East Inpatient Service is comprised of a 24-bed inpatient care unit, which has as its objective the provision of inpatient psychiatric services to adult patients who are hospitalized for the diagnosis and treatment of major psychiatric illnesses. The unit accepts patients admitted under the care of psychiatrists on either a voluntary of involuntary basis. The inpatient unit is divided into three neighborhoods, A, B and C. The C neighborhood is for patients who require intensive nursing care and treatment due to severely disorganized, disoriented or agitated states. The A and B neighborhoods care for acutely ill adults who require routine nursing care for the treatment of their primary psychiatric illness and any secondary substance abuse issues. The treatment team for the adult inpatient unit consists of the expertise of psychiatric physicians, medical specialists, psychologists, clinical social workers, nursing staff and occupational therapists and provides a structured program of groups and activities focused on helping patients recover from their illnesses and lead a full and productive life.

4 North Geriatric Adult Psychiatry

4 North Inpatient Service is comprised of two neighborhoods, A and B side, totaling 25 patient beds and is located in the Stewart & Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA (R-NPH). 4 North’s inpatient program provides intensive evaluation and differential diagnosis of acute emotional and behavioral problems such as mood disorders, dementia and psychosis to the young and older adults. The program also provides comprehensive treatment to the 18 year old and older adults who may require more complex nursing care than a general psychiatric unit can provide and/or who are experiencing complicated medical conditions along with their psychiatric symptoms. 4 North also provides expert care to those patients referred from the R-NPH ECT Department for Electroconvulsive Therapy.