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Our specialists treat varicose veins using techniques that offer better results with smaller entry points. Call 310-481-7545 to learn more about Vein and Vascular Center.

Treatment for:

Chronic venous reflex

How it’s done:

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is performed on visibly bulging veins. Injections of lidocaine are given around the affected veins to be treated. Minimal small incisions are made around the vein and the vein is pulled out with a special instrument that looks like a crochet hook. You will be prescribed a numbing cream to place over the veins you would like to be removed prior to the procedure. Phlebectomy varies in time depending how many veins are removed.

Level of anesthesia:

Local anesthesia

Risks of procedures:

Most procedures carry a risk, for these venous treatments the risks are minimal. Complications may include allergic reaction, bleeding, blood clots, ulceration, infection, or non-closure of the vein.


You will be required to wear a compression stocking for a week after the procedure. Minimal pain is experienced with this procedure and you may drive yourself home, although having a driver assist you may be beneficial.

For more information:

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our IR physicians, please call the UCLA Varicose Vein Clinic.