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Our sleep medicine physicians are recognized experts in sleep disorders treatment. To find the right doctor for you, connect with a customer care specialist at 310-825-2631
Monday – Friday, 7 am to 7 pm

Welcome to the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center

Welcome to the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center located at 10833 Le Conte Ave, B level (previously the Emergency Room in CHS). Los Angeles, CA 90095. To serve you best, we would like to tell you about our services.

Here you will find directions to the Sleep Disorders Center as well as more information regarding your sleep testing. In this packet, you will also find materials we are requesting you to complete and bring with you to your appointment. To ensure that the physicians at the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center make an accurate diagnosis and assessment, we need to have this information. This will help us become oriented with any medical or other conditions that may be impacting your sleep.

Please complete every page of the Questionnaire below and bring it with you to your appointment.

You are scheduled to arrive at the Sleep Disorders Center at 8:30 pm. You may arrive up to 15 minutes prior to your appointment. If you are arriving late, be sure to call us. Any patients arriving past 9 pm may need to be rescheduled.
You must call at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. If you fail to notify us of cancellation within 48 hours, you may be subjected to a $50 cancellation fee. To reschedule your appointment, please call 310-26-SLEEP.

Please bring your completed questionnaire, insurance card(s), insurance authorization number(s) if applicable, your overnight bag and any medications you will need during your time here. The sleep center will be unable to dispense medications like a pharmacy; therefore you must make sure to bring all of your medication. Please refer to the facts sheet included in this packet for more information about your sleep study.

Insurance. Please contact your insurance representative to determine your coverage. Your carrier will be billed for your appointments; however, any charges no covered or remaining balances will be your financial responsibility. Authorizations must be processed before we may give you an appointment. Inform your insurance carrier that you will be undergoing an outpatient sleep study. Although you will be spending the night in our sleep laboratory, this is an outpatient study.

Our department has earned outstanding reputation in subspecialty care of sleep disorders due to a high level of clinical expertise, academic achievement and innovative research. Our most important mission is to provide each patient with the best sleep medicine health care available by combining our extensive experience with the latest advances in the treatment of sleep disorders. Our facility and staff work together as a team to bring each patient the highest quality of care in a warm, friendly and professional environment.

We look forward to seeing you here.

Sleep Center Staff

Phone: 310-26-SLEEP
Fax: 310-267-1062
Medical Records: 310-825-6021

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