Our Approach to Care

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UCLA Health heart transplant patient outcomes are among the best in that nation. Call 310-825-8816 to learn more about the Heart Transplant Program.

For information about heart-lung transplants, please call 310-825-6068.

For more than 25 years, UCLA has been among the top U.S. transplant hospitals. We offer every medical and surgical option, but what truly makes us exceptional is the combination of our physicians' vast expertise and our patient-centered approach to care.

Our transplant programs are among the busiest in the country, yet we view every patient as an individual. Our personalized care empowers patients and their families to understand their options and make personal decisions about their treatment.

Medical Care for the Whole Patient

At UCLA, our physician and nursing teams understand that heart transplant affects the whole person. Our teams work closely with patients and their families to present the full array of options and support patients in making complex decisions.

We provide customized care for each patient, including:

  • Transplant evaluation: Our evaluations are suited to your needs - sometimes completed in an outpatient setting, sometimes with an inpatient approach and sometimes as a combination, always made as convenient as possible.
  • Compassionate advance care planning process: You and your family consult with your providers on the available options and which ones suit you best
  • Full spectrum of expert medical care: Our care starts at pre-transplant evaluation and extends through surgery and beyond. Post-transplant, our infectious disease physicians work very closely with you to manage challenges related to infection.
  • Support throughout your life: We provide care from birth to advanced age, including transition to adult care as teens get older. Many of our patients receive care from the same physician and provider team for many years. We also support patient reunions and peer networks, whether you're just embarking on the transplant process or are a longtime organ recipient.

Advance Care Planning at UCLA

Transplant Nurse Smile

Our advance care planning team consults with patients who are being evaluated for transplant. The team includes:

  • Physicians (including specialized advance care planning physicians)
  • Social workers
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Member of our ethics committee

Team members work closely with you and your family to understand expectations before embarking on a path of care. Going far beyond an advance care directive, this groundbreaking process helps us deeply understand your wishes and design an individualized approach to care.

Culturally Sensitive Care

Our clinical programs serve the population of Southern California and UNOS Region 5, as well as patients from across the U.S. and the world.

Our culturally sensitive medical team understands that patients bring different experiences to the transplant process.

We are proactive about seeking out the right life-saving procedure for patients of any background, whether they are local to Los Angeles or coming to UCLA for destination medical care.