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At UCLA Health, you’ll have an experienced team of transplant specialists who deliver coordinated, expert care. Call 310-825-8138 to connect with us.

UCLA offers unparalleled expertise in intestinal rehabilitation and transplant for infants, children and adults. We are one of only five programs in the world to have performed more than 100 intestinal transplants.

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UCLA physicians are available to consult with you regarding patient care opportunities or referral. We offer several ways to reach us:

Intestinal Transplant Referrals: Why Choose UCLA

UCLA offers one of the leading programs in the world for intestinal rehabilitation and care and intestinal transplant, with physicians and patients seeking us out from across the United States.

UCLA is a recognized leader in intestinal transplantation:

  • We are the only program specializing in intestinal transplantation in the Western U.S.
  • We have completed nearly 150 intestinal transplants - making us one of only five programs in the world to have performed more than 100 of these procedures.
  • Demonstrating their dedication to this procedure, nearly all the physicians who originated the program in 1991 are still with our team today.

Comprehensive Intestinal Rehab and Transplant Programs

We support patients anywhere along the intestinal failure path. Prior to transplantation, we can help manage and evaluate patients on TPN (total parenteral nutrition), and help determine when it is time to move to the next step. We offer comprehensive transplant and intestinal care for children and adults who suffer from intestinal failure or short bowel syndrome, including:

  • Nutritional management
  • TPN management
  • Autologous reconstructive surgical options
  • Close collaboration among dieticians, social workers, transplant coordinators, and specialists in TPN management and gastroenterology

UCLA offers all four types of intestinal transplant:

  • Isolated transplant of the intestine alone
  • Liver/intestine transplant, usually provided with pancreas transplant
  • Multivisceral transplant of the liver/pancreas/intestine, with or without the stomach and/or colon
  • Modified multivisceral transplant, which does not include the liver

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Support Before, During and After a Transplant

Our program provides complete patient support at every stage of treatment, from evaluation through follow-up, with ongoing updates to referring physicians:

  • Physician communication: We utilize a number of tools to keep referring physicians apprised of their patients' treatment, including access to a physician portal and videoconferences. We always schedule a phone call to discuss results after transplant surgery.
  • Patient portal: All patients have access to our portal to communicate with physicians, access test results and track appointments.
  • Highly personalized care: At UCLA, the same leading team cares for your patients throughout the process, from pre-transplantation through transplant and beyond. Patients see the physician at every appointment, and we know their names and circumstances.
  • Expertise with challenging cases: Our physicians firmly believe each patient's situation is unique and deserves rigorous evaluation.
  • Pediatric-to-adult transition: Together, Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center provide transplantation and follow-up care for patients from birth through all phases of adulthood, in one facility, with one collaborative medical team.