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If you need a pancreas transplant, our specialists provide expert care. Call 310-825-6836 to find out more about the Pancreas Transplant Program.

UCLA offers a strong program for pancreatic transplant, including simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant (SPK) and pancreas after kidney transplant (PAK) procedures.

We work closely with referring physicians to provide comprehensive care for your patients who have type 1 diabetes mellitus with pancreas failure or pancreatitis, with or without kidney failure or other organ failure.

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UCLA physicians are available to consult with you regarding patient care opportunities or referral. We offer several ways to reach us:

Pancreas Transplant Referrals: Why Choose UCLA

UCLA offers one of the leading programs in the U.S. for pancreas transplant, with physicians and patients seeking us out from across the country.

Our program offers:

  • Collaborative, abdominal transplant-led practice: At UCLA, our abdominal transplant team leads our pancreatic transplant practice. This arrangement ensures that our patients benefit from a surgical-based approach to care, while still being guaranteed a high level of medical expertise.
  • Multi-organ expertise: We offer our pancreatic transplant program in tandem with our outstanding kidney transplant program. The two disciplines are tightly integrated, offering outstanding kidney expertise to support patients who require pancreatic transplant.
  • Pioneers in auto islet transplant: UCLA is an innovator in autologous islet transplantation. This procedure returns a patient's insulin-producing islet cells after pancreatic resection for pancreatitis. There is no risk of rejection because the cells come from the patient. The cells also continue to produce insulin, potentially avoiding or minimizing the risk of diabetes.

Support Before, During and After a Transplant

Our program provides complete patient support at every stage of treatment, from evaluation through follow-up, with ongoing updates to referring physicians.

We provide:

  • Physician communication: We utilize a number of tools to keep referring physicians apprised of their patients' treatment, including access to a physician portal and videoconferences. We always schedule a phone call to discuss results after transplant surgery.
  • Patient portal: All patients have access to our portal to communicate with physicians, access test results and track appointments.
  • Highly personalized care: At UCLA, the same leading team cares for your patients throughout the process, from pre-transplantation through transplant and beyond. Patients see the physician at every appointment, and we know their names and circumstances.
  • Expertise with challenging cases: Our physicians firmly believe each patient's situation is unique and deserves rigorous evaluation.