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UCLA's physicians and researchers are known as pioneers in transplantation of the pancreas, kidney and other organs.

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Ongoing Transplant Innovations at UCLA

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UCLA teams are always engaged in leading clinical trials and research. Our innovations related to pancreas transplantation include:

  • Pioneering auto islet transplant: We are an innovator in autologous islet transplantation, a procedure that allows patients to keep their own islet cells after having their pancreas removed due to pancreatitis. After the procedure, the cells continue to produce insulin, potentially avoiding or minimizing the risk of diabetes. There is no risk of rejection because the cells are the patient's own.
  • Minimizing rejection: We have developed new treatments to minimize the risk of organ rejection after transplant, an area we continue to explore.
  • Ongoing work to improve kidney transplantation: For patients who have a kidney transplant as well as a pancreas transplant, we are pursuing a variety of ways to help patients live better, keep their new kidneys longer, and identify and treat potential rejection as soon as possible. Learn more about our kidney transplant research and trials.