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Expert Second Opinion for Kidney Stones

The UCLA Urology Telemedicine Expert Second Opinion Program offers California residents access to our faculty, who are national leaders in all aspects of Urology. At UCLA Urology’s Stone Treatment Center we have doctors who specialize in the diagnosis, management and treatment of kidney stones.

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lt is estimated that 1 in 10 people will have a kidney stone at some time in their lives, and it can be a painful condition. When kidney stones don't pass without intervention, there are several surgical and medical treatment options available. Getting an expert second opinion can be helpful in determining the best course of treatment for you.

At UCLA Urology’s Stone Treatment Center we offer preventative strategies, medical therapies and minimally invasive care for kidney stones, including:

  • Managing metabolic stone disease
  • Endoscopic treatment of kidney stone disease
  • Percutaneous renal surgery
  • Management of UPJ obstruction and ureteral strictures
  • Endoscopic management of complications of urinary diversions
  • We also offer advanced endoscopic techniques for men who cannot urinate well due to massive enlargement of the prostate. We offer HoLEP – a minimally invasive, laser-based BPH surgery for men who have prostates too large for traditional minimally invasive surgery and have been told they need an open incision to remove the gland.

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Note: This service is NOT intended for medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, please immediately call your local emergency service phone number, or go to your nearest hospital, emergency room, or urgent care clinic.