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The Three Vascateers

Some Men Are Shy About Their Health, But These Three Went to Get Vasectomies Together

While many men shy away from discussing their health concerns with one another, three longtime friends from Los Angeles decided to take a new approach to the very personal matter of birth control. With the encouragement of their wives, Paul Diaz, John Lambrechts and Basilio Santangelo recently did something unusual for guys: they decided to get vasectomies on the same day, from the same doctor, one after another. “We all have two kids around the same age; we all decided we were perfectly happy with the size of our families, so we made a pact to get them done,” said Diaz, who has known Lambrechts and Santangelo for years.
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Healthy and Cancer Free for 30 years


Dr. Jesse Mills with Testicular Implant Patient, Andrew

testicular implant

30 years ago this month, I had a testicular cancer and it took a part of me and almost my life with a recurrence to my lymph nodes and spine a year later. I had chemo and radiation following. I spent several years dealing with my self-worth and self-value and feeling "incomplete". The emotional scars were deep and always worrying if my cancer was going to come back. Nobody ever told me about having a prosthesis implanted before until I heard Dr. Mills at a speaking engagement in October celebrating Men's Health Month. I made an appointment with him a few weeks ago to discuss the procedure, my questions and if I was a candidate. Yesterday urologist Dr. Jesse Mills at SM UCLA gave me back what was robbed of me, a testicular prosthesis implant.

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The Journey to Fatherhood


Father’s Day: The journey to fatherhood starts with a health check.

fathers day

Joel Mecklenburg and his wife, Stacey, wanted very much to have a child. They tried. And tried. For 3 ½ years. Finally, they decided it was time to see their doctors. “I was a big, healthy guy. I was thinking there’s no way it was my issue,” said Mecklenburg, now 38. “But I went to get tested anyway.” Then his doctor called with bad news. All Mecklenburg’s sperm were dead.

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Patient Testimonials

“I was referred to UCLA Urology for a Men’s Health concern and had the privilege of being a patient of Dr. Rajiv Jayadevan. Dr. Raj is a friendly and caring physician. I was impressed that even before our initial office visit, Dr. Raj took time to review the imaging reports on my chart and was already prepared to discuss the findings.”