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What is Testicular Implant Surgery?

Testicular implants may be performed after the testes have been surgically removed or are absent because of birth defect, illness or trauma.

Patient and Dr. Jesse Mills
Dr. Jesse Mills with Testicular Implant Patient, Andrew - "30 years ago this month, I had a testicular cancer and it took a part of me and almost my life".

Testicular implants may also be performed in certain cosmetic cases. An implant is sized to match the normal testicle, or when both testes are absent, sized to fill the scrotum to restore symmetry.

Testicular implants are filled with saline and placed inside the scrotum. They are soft to the touch to provide a realistic look and feel. Testicular implants are performed as an outpatient and can be done with minimal anesthesia.

Currently, Torosa is the only FDA approved testicular implant.  It is manufactured by Coloplast, a world leader in prosthetic technology.

Photo right: Dr. Jesse Mills & Testicular Implant Patient, Andrew. View Patient Story

What to expect from Testicular Implant Surgery

Prior to surgery, testicular implant patients will undergo some routine tests. These tests usually include a general physical exam, including blood and urine samples.

There are several factors that may affect a testicular implant procedure, patient recovery and results.

Factors to consider before surgery:

  • Overall health
  • Healing capabilities (which can be affected by smoking, alcohol and medications)
  • Prior scrotal surgeries

Factors to consider after surgery:

  • Infections
  • Shifting of the implant
  • Scarring from the incision
  • Possible hardening of the capsule around the implant

Prior to a testicular implant surgery, a man will be evaluated by a UCLA Men’s Clinic physician to make sure he is ready for surgery, and to answer any and all questions a patient may have.

Typically, testicular implant procedures are relatively simple and last 20 to 40 minutes.

Patients will experience some discomfort during the first 24 to 48 hours after their procedure. Surgical bandages usually stay on 24 hours. Patients will most likely feel fatigued after the surgery and the scrotum will be swollen, tender and sensitive to physical contact for some time.

Patients should be able to resume most of their non-strenuous daily activities within 7-10 days.

During initial patient consultations, a UCLA Health Men’s Clinic provider will discuss the pros and cons of undergoing testicular implant surgery.  It is important for the patient to feel comfortable with the procedure and the surgeon.

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