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What is Testicular Pain?

There are few conditions more frustrating to both the doctor and the patient as testicular pain. There are so many causes of pain and so few effective treatment options that men will feel trapped with their pain and find very few good resources for therapy.

What are the various causes of testicular pain?

First, we have to look at what structures are in the scrotum, because, in fact, testicular pain is not a very accurate diagnosis. In our experience at he Men’s Clinic, the testicle is often an innocent bystander. The other structures in the scrotum include the spermatic cord, the vas deferens, the epididymis, the veins and arteries that supply the testicle and all the nerves. Additionally, many men with scrotal/testicular pain often will have muscular dysfunction of the pelvic floor which can disrupt normal defecation, urination and ejaculation.

Treatment Options for testicular pain?

At UCLA Health—The Men’s Clinic, the average patient sees multiple physicians and even other urologists prior to seeking care at The Men’s Clinic. Our approach to chronic testicular pain is to identify the cause, if possible, treat the cause and get men their lives back. We absolutely do not believe in prescribing narcotics for pain and will not manage narcotics for our patients. If you are on narcotics as part of your pain management regimen, you will need to continue your pain contract with your narcotic prescribing physician.

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