Raising Ovarian Cancer Awareness


“I founded the Ovarian Cancer Circle to honor the memory of my daughter, Robin Babbini, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 17,” recounts Paulinda Schimmel Babbini, who was honored by City Hall for the work she and the Ovarian Cancer Circle do, partnered with UCLA Health, to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. “She suffered for eight months, bedridden, losing her life to ovarian cancer. So I am very committed to educating and bring awareness because women need to know the signs and symptoms. I want to thank UCLA Health for supporting us, and it’s a privilege to be honored at City Hall. I’m grateful for the recognition and think it’s a great opportunity for the community to be aware of ovarian cancer.”

The Ovarian Cancer Circle's 8th Annual Take A Bite Out of Ovarian Cancer luncheon takes place Thursday, November 8th in Woodland Hills. For more information visit: TheOvarianCancercircle.org