No Scar and No Cancer

June 12, 2018
By Pam
1 min read

I felt some lumps in my throat so I went to Urgent Care. They ran some blood work but said it was nothing. Then 1 year later I mentioned it to my gynecologist who referred me to an endocrinologist. An ultrasound led to a referral to Dr. Yeh as I had thyroid cancer. I called for an appointment but was told I could not see him for 1 month. I was anxious so I kept calling to see if I could get in sooner. The staff was so nice and patient with me and, due to a cancellation I was able to get in sooner. Dr. Yeh was super nice and surgery was scheduled. All the staff was great and the surgery was simple. I was able to go home the same day. My throat was a little sore but other than that I was fine. It is now 1 year post surgery. Dr. Yeh says I am cancer free and he did a great job on the scar. I have nothing but nice things to say. He has a great bedside manner.

Dr. Michael Yeh at UCLA Health
Dr. Michael Yeh at UCLA Health