A Good Success

UCLA Health article

My primary care doctor last January said my blood calcium was high and he suspected a parathyroid issue. I was sent to an endocrinologist who ran more tests. CAT scans were inconclusive but I was referred to Dr. Yeh. It took 6 months to get approval from my insurance company. It required letters and appeals but I did not give up since I was sure he was the man I needed to see. When I finally got approval to see him, he recommended a 4D CAT scan but that required further approval. Dr. Yeh himself went to the medical director of the company and finally it was approved. The 4D didn't show an obvious target. Dr. Yeh suspected we should do surgery but said it was my decision. I was not eager to have surgery since 4 years ago when I broke my hip I got C dif in the hospital but I had such confidence in Dr. Yeh I said yes. Again, back for insurance company approval. The day before the surgery the hospital called to say no financial approval but we made calls and got it straightened out. The hospital was very well organized - I never felt anxious- I was confident with all. I had had previous problems with anesthesia so that was addressed. Surgery was over before I knew it. I felt great. The nurses treated me well. Dr. Yeh saw me 3 before I was released the next morning at 9am. Dr. Yeh told me "I had a feeling there was something I wasn't seeing." And there had been - he had to remove 2 glands.It wasn't visible until surgery. Dr. Yeh is such an elegant gentleman. I feel so much better - no longer having headaches, I have more energy, sleep through the night. I didn't know these were related to the parathyroid issue- I just thought I was getting older. This was a good success!